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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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arthel: high-stakes hearing to get underway this week in the investigation of russia's interference in our election and allegations of collusion. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and donald trump jr. both agreeing to interviews behind closed doors with the senate judiciary committee and to hand over documents. this after lawmakers threatened them with subpoenas if they refused to cooperate. hello everyone. welcome back to "america's news headquarters". a brand new hour starts right now. i'm arthel neville. eric: hello. i'm eric shawn. jared kushner the president's son-in-law and top advisor is
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also going to come under some scrutiny tomorrow and tuesday. that's when jared will appear before the senate and the house intelligence committees, those meetings also we're told in closed-door sessions. so you know taken together, this could be one of the most pivotal weeks so far in the russia investigation. and with all this playing out, president trump a short time ago once again blasting this investigation on twitter. he also attacked fellow republicans who in his words quote do very little to protect their president. garrett tenney is live in washington with the very latest. garrett, first off, the lawmakers tomorrow, what do you think they hope to learn from some of these interviews? >> investigators are trying to determine if there was any collusion between the trump campaign and russia. there's been a lot of interest in hearing from donald trump jr., paul manafort and jared kushner as particularly after reports came out earlier this month that during the campaign, the trio attended a meeting with a russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information on hilary clinton.
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previously trump aides had claimed no one from the campaign had any contact with russian officials. and today the top democrat on the house intelligence committee said that is just one discrepancy he plans to ask kushner about when he testifies on tuesday. >> we want to know about several of the meetings that have been alleged to have taken place, obviously the meeting with donald jr. and several russians that we now know were in the meeting. we have a lot of ground to cover. his counsel has said they will only make him available for two hours. so we expect this is just going to be the first interview. but there's a great many questions that we will have for mr. curb -- mr. kushner. >> he's expected to face similar questions on monday when he meets with the senate intelligence committee. manafort and donald trump jr., on friday under the threat of subpoenas, the mens' attorney said they are now willing to negotiate with lawmakers on providing documents and arranging private interviews with the committee.
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at this point, we're told they have not set any dates for those interviews and the committee may still decide to bring the pair in for public hearings down the road as well. eric? >> meanwhile, pretty intense, an important week ahead, what is the president saying about the investigations beyond the tweet earlier today, where he took on some of his fellow republicans? >> on capitol hill, those republicans want the president to leave these investigations alone and let them run their course, and earlier today, senator susan collins repeated that plea. >> i understand how difficult and frustrating this investigation is for the president. but he should not say anything further about the special counsel, his staff, or the investigation. >> the president clearly has no intentions of letting this go, though. this afternoon, he tweeted this, as the phony russian witch hunt continues, two groups are laughing at this excuse for a
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lost election taking hold, democrats and russians. and of course president trump is expected, i'm sure, to be tweeting over the next few days as these hearings get underway as well. it seems set on not letting this go any time soon. eric: you can bet these hearings, kushner's meetings supposed to be behind closed doors the leaks will probably sometime tomorrow afternoon. probably be finding out some of what he said. thank you very much, garrett. arthel: meanwhile the russian investigation continues to cast a shadow over president trump's ayen da on capitol hill -- agenda on capitol hill. the white house now pressuring republican senators to vote on a new healthcare bill this week, after failing to do so last week, but the clock is ticking for congress with the august recess not far off. ellison barber has more from washington. >> senate majority leader mcconnell pushed back the august recess until the third week of august, and the delay is largely because of healthcare.
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and republicans failed attempts to pass any sort of repeal and replace legislation. on saturday, president trump tweeted, the republican senators must step up to the plate, and after seven years, vote to repeal and replace. next tax reform and infrastructure. healthcare is top of the administration's long to do list. senators are expected to vote on a proposal early this week, but we don't know if the legislation is going to be something that repeals and replaces obama care, or just repeals it. >> the leader will make that decision at some point about whether that's repeal, repeal and replace. i hope it is repeal and replace. >> senator rand paul is still not a fan of the senate bill. >> i think just pass it, pass it, pass it is not a great strategy particularly when you wind up with something that looks like poor people got less healthcare and rich people got more of your money. >> the white house wants something done and from vice president pence to president trump, they are making sure congress knows it. >> president trump said it
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plainly the other day when he had every senator over to the white house, he said he had pen in hand, the senate healthcare bill we believe is the right bill at the right time to begin to repeal and replace obama care. >> you can also call those senators to make sure you get healthcare. >> last time the senate majority leader delayed the august recess this long, it was 1994, then majority leader george mitchell delayed recess by more than three weeks to work on healthcare reform and a crime bill. that attempt at healthcare reform failed. arthel? arthel: thanks ellison. eric: it is the tragic reality of human trafficking and the result of what officials say is an apparent smuggling operation of undocumented immigrants that has costs so far at least nine lives. a tractor trailer was packed with helpless migrants. it was discovered in the parking lot of a san antonio wal-mart. they had no water. they had no air-conditioning for that human cargo inside. there was oppressive triple digit texas heat.
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two of the people pulled from that tractor trailer have died in the hospital, we're told. the other 28 have survived. they were pulled from the truck and are still in the hospital. some of them, though in grave condition at this hour. will carr has more on this horrific story. hi, will. reporter: eric, authorities are saying the inside of that trailer was a scorching oven over 150 degrees and if they had found it 24 hours later, everybody would be dead. law enforcement learned about the botched smuggling attempt after a man who was in the trailer begged a wal-mart employee for water. that employee helped and then called police. that led to the terrifying discovery the chief of police in san antonio calling it a mass casualty situation in 100 degree heat. the trailer did not have a working air conditioner. eight people were found dead inside. another died at the hospital. dozens of survivors were vomiting, suffering from heatstroke and some will have permanent brain damage, according to authorities. most of the victims were men in
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their 20s and 30s, but there were two 15-year-olds as well. the driver of the trailer was arrested. but authorities say this is the work of a much larger criminal element than just one man. >> checking the video from the store, we found that there were a number of vehicles that came in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip. we're looking at human trafficking crime here this evening. reporter: the trailer was found about 150 miles from the border. very close to i-35 which is a major smuggling thoroughfare. the acting director of i.c.e. releasing a statement which in part reads, by any standard the horrific crime uncovered last night ranks as a stark reminder of why human smuggling networks need to be pursued, caught, and punished. the governor of texas releasing a statement as well, calling this a heart breaking tragedy. eric? eric: well, it is.
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thank you so much. arthel? arthel: the family of a world war ii veteran finally reunited with his purple heart after it was last seen in the early 60s. new york senator chuck schumer presenting relatives with the long lost award helping to right what can surely be seen as a story bookending. we have the story now from our new york city newsroom. hi, brian. >> about a decade ago a man named joseph ridlin was walking a friend's dog along a road in new york when he found a shiny object lying in the dirt. it was a purple heart. the medal carrying the inscription on the back reading for military merit, bj mcnamara december 9, 1943. he told fox news he tried to locate its owner for years before eventually putting it in a box at home and forgetting about it. in july he gave the medal to a friend, a former navy corpsman who then enlisted new york democratic senator schumer's office to help locate its long lost owner. and today senator chuck schumer
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presented the purple heart to four generations of staff sergeant bernard mcnamara's family. he enlisted in 1942. he was wounded by nazi artillery fire in italy in 1943 and was a nazi prisoner of war for 472 days. his daughter katherine says the last time anyone recalls seeing the purple heart was back in 1962, when their mother allowed her cousins to play outside in the south bronx with dad's stuff. >> the kids would get nancy, so she took out my dad's stuff, the medals and i think there was a couple of little hats and stuff and she kind of got them dressed up and she pinned the medals on them and she told them go out and play soldier. i think that was the last time i ever saw the medals. >> the purple heart is nation's oldest award given to wounded combat veterans. over a thousand world war ii servicemembers had the name bj mcnamara. the family is incredibly
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thankful. >> i also served in vietnam. when you come home, you put your medals away and you find of -- and you kind of forget about that stuff and just go on with your life, which is what he did. >> my dad was a very quiet humble man. and having these medals given back to us is great. >> the greatest generation they are. >> the greatest generation indeed. the bronze star medal and the infantry man badge were also lost, both were reissued to the family today. he died in 1975 of colon cancer. we thank him for his service. >> indeed we do. thank you very much. eric: a wonderful tribute. the rising tensions in israel, that's been spreading now to neighboring jordan. what led to a deadly shooting at the israeli embassy in that nation. we will have the details. as the russia investigation heats up with the closed door testimony starting tomorrow, our
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arthel: a violent attack near the israeli embassy in jordan. security forces on high alert there. a jordanian man shot and killed and an israeli man seriously injured in the incident. this just part of the rising tensions surrounding the mosque in jerusalem. massive protests taking place in israel and in jordan over israel placing metal-detectors outside the mosque after arab gunmen firing from unside killing two israeli police officers. jordan is the official muslim custodian of the holy site sacred to both muslims and jews. >> we have not and continue to not have conversations with the president of the united states regarding pardons. pardons have not been discussed and pardons are not on the table. with regard to the issue of a president pardoning himself, there's a big academic discussion going on right now, an academic debate. you have a professor arguing one point. you have another professor arguing another point.
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while it makes for interesting academic discussions, let me tell you what the legal team is not doing, we're not researching the issue because the issue of pardons is not on the table. there is nothing to pardon from. eric: that was president trump's attorney strongly denying the reports that president trump has considered the possibility of pardoning himself and others amid the widening russia probe. but you know it may have been the president himself who planted the seed so much. he tweeted yesterday quote while all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon why think of when only crime so far is leaks against us, fake news. so can he pardon himself or can't he? some of the biggest legal minds in the country disagree. we have two of those guys with us now. both defense attorneys and former prosecutors. david, let me start with you. article 2, section 2 of the u.s. constitution says that it grants reprieves and pardons for offenses against the united states except in cases of impeachment. i mean, what does that sound like to you? >> i think it is pretty clear
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that the president under the constitution has broad powers to pardon, and that includes pardoning himself. now i agree with the attorney. there's nothing to pardon himself from, at the moment, because there are no allegations against him at the moment. so he does have broad power to pardon, and the constitution does not say he can't pardon himself. >> so you think if indeed there was anything, and i'm not saying there will be something, but if there is something, he has the right to pardon himself. >> yes, the remedy is impeachment against the president, not criminal act. >> robert? >> disagree. this is our biggest fear as lawyers. it is like the constitutional hypothetical that we used to see in class all those years ago. if you read article 2, section 2, you may grant and if you look at the grant, upon to another is what many constitutional lawyers are saying. you can grant it to another person not to ourself. -- not to yourself. they are looking at the origin of the word pardon, goes back to latin which is donate, you cannot donate unto one self.
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where did this word come from? that's how far the constitutional question is going. at the end of the day, i don't think he's going to need to do it. i agree with david that impeachment is the answer but i don't think he can. eric: now you know why jay says it is an academic discussion. when you say impeachment is the answer, in case there is something. what about the courts? it's never been tested and never been done. >> never been tested and certainly if it does come about, and that's a big if, a very big if, this will go up to the supreme court obviously, if it happens. this is all hypothetical. i don't believe it is ever going to happen. eric: does he have the power to pardon someone before they are charged? >> yes. >> he's allowed to do it so long as the criminal act or the alleged criminal act has been committed, not for future crimes. however, we want to remind everybody, that the pardon is only for federal crimes. it does not prohibit prosecution at the state level. you are only taking away one aspect of a prosecution. you are not taking away the state aspect.
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>> let's say someone gets a type of case, that wouldn't be pardonable under the constitution? >> yes, governor cuomo could pardon the case. the governors could pardon the state cases. the president can't pardon his own case under that set of circumstances. >> speaking of new york, senator charles schumer had some sharp words about any possibility that the president would consider this. listen to what he said. >> if he fired mueller or pardoned himself or someone close to him under investigation, it would be one of the greatest greatest breaking of rule of law of traditional democratic norms of what our democracy is about. i think it would cause a cataclysm in washington. i can't imagine our republican candidates including ryan and mcconnell just standing by if he were to do either of those things. i would strongly advise him not to. eric: what about that? >> i think part of what potentially this academic debate with his attorneys and with president trump tweeting this out, i think it is a political smokescreen personally.
3:21 pm
i think that trump's team is putting this out there to the american people, even if there is anything here, i have the authority to pardon, and i will use it if i have to. >> he sure does. he's saying that -- i'm not sure it is a smokescreen, but i think in the minds of the administration, this has been a witch hunt at this point. and what better way to stop this witch hunt than say you know what? i'm just going to pardon everybody. let's get on to the next thing. eric: like throwing down the gauntlet in a way, you think. >> president trump believes that mueller is overstepping his bounds during his investigation, looking into his tax returns, looking into real estate deals that were done, claiming they were done with potentially people with russian ties from years ago. he think it is too overreaching. he said go ahead, dig, i don't care because i have the ability to pardon. eric: that would cause such immense outrage. >> at some point you have to get on with the work of the presidency. you can't get involved with all this craziness all the time.
3:22 pm
what better way to do that than just to issue a pardon for everybody and to move on. eric: let me go back to that point that you can issue a pardon, can you do it before there's any crime charged? >> no -- oh, yes. >> can you clarify that? >> you can do it before a crime is charged, if there's an investigation, but you don't need a charge for it. as opposed to some sort of future crime that may take place, you can't pardon that. eric: finally, breaking the night, congressman of texas, introducing a legislation that would prevent, if it's passed, the president from pardoning himself. he has this bill in the house. robert, you're shaking your head. do you think this legislation will pass? >> no, i hope we don't have to get that far. i agree with david to a certain point there needs to come a time that we as a country move on from this discussion where presidents are talking about pardoning themselves and moving on with an agenda whether you agree or don't agree with it. >> so many problems in the world.
3:23 pm
we need to start tackling them and stop getting caught up with this. eric: the investigation is ongoing. we will see indeed if the president at any point is able to use the power of the constitution that is deemed upon him by our founding fathers. whether or not you agree or not. thank you. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. he is the co founder of the firm behind a dossier containing unsubstantiated allegations about president trump. now a senate panel wants him to answer questions and lawmakers are not taking no for an answer as they slap him with a subpoena. we will discuss this showdown coming up next. plus, anthony scaramucci seems ready to hit the ground running as the head of president trump's communications team. we're live at the white house also ahead. >> the entire world has changed, and we need to rethink the way we're delivering our information. and so stay tuned.
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eric: newly appointed white house communications director anthony scaramucci who is expected to hold his first staff meeting tomorrow morning. that on the heels of the latest shakeup at the white house which also of course includes the exit of sean spicer coming the end of august, what do we expect? kristin fisher is live at the white house with more. what do we think scaramucci will do that's different than sean spicer? >> today scaramucci said that he's going to focus on three things, first he really wants to reset the culture inside the white house's communications team. second, he wants to stop the leaks. and he's willing to take dramatic action to do just that. and then third, he really wants to work on focusing and refining the message that's coming out of this white house. now, just to double back on point number two, because this is a big one, if you look at what he's saying, he is saying that these staff shakeups may not be over yet. when he says he's willing to
3:29 pm
take dramatic action to stop the leaks, that could include firing some current white house staffers. >> if the leaks don't stop, i'm going to pair down the staff because it is not right, chris. i think it is not fair to the president. it is actually not fair to america or the people in the government. something's going on inside the white house that the president does not like. we're going to fix it. >> so he has some internal housekeeping to do, perhaps some internal house cleaning to do, depending on how things go when he holds a staff meeting tomorrow, and then he's really going to shift his attention to the outside messaging, and the messaging of how this white house's message gets out to the american public. eric: sounds like he's going to crack the whip tomorrow. almost kind of hate to be one of the folks in that room. meanwhile he commented about russia today. what is he saying about the investigationing? >> -- investigation? >> he thinks a lot of this and the reporting on it has been blown out of proportion.
3:30 pm
and today scaramucci defending -- there's going to be three people testifying on capitol hill next week, jared kushner, paul manafort and donald trump jr. and today scaramucci went out of his way to defend jared kushner. listen to this. >> i worked intensely on that campaign. and i think that the russian situation is completely overblown. i was falsely accused of things related to russia. i know other people are being falsely accused of things related to russia and i'm confident that tomorrow when jared kushner speaks, and i will keep my fingers crossed in saying this to you, it will probably be the last time that he has to talk about russia and so for me, i'd like to get this behind us. >> so he would like to get this behind the white house just as much as the president and everybody else here at the white house would like to get the russia investigation behind them so that they can focus on the president's agenda, but with three investigations ongoing, the special counsel and two congressional investigations,
3:31 pm
the russia saga is not going away any time soon. eric? eric: speaking of leaks it looks and it sounds like it's pouring -- i mean a downpour, man oh man. >> it really is. i got soaked on the way out there. came out of nowhere. eric: thank you, kristin for braving the rain to bring us the news. get back inside. >> my pleasure. arthel: get back inside, kristin. the senate judiciary committee issuing a subpoena for glen simpson to testify before the panel on wednesday. he is the co founder of fusion gps, the company behind the russian dossier containing explosive and as yet unverified allegations against president trump. the chairman of the committee senator chuck grassley and the top democrat on the panel senator dianne feinstein saying they basically had no choice after simpson declined to appear. i'm joined by betsy woodruff, the political reporter for the daily beast. always good to have you, betsy.
3:32 pm
>> sure thing. >> what will the senate judiciary committee want to know from mr. simpson and how does he fit in this puzzle >> one of the big questions is first how mr. simpson got connected to christopher steel, the former british spy who put together that as of yet unverified dossier of critical information about the president and then another really central issue here is going to be the relationship between glen simpson who runs fusion gps, the opposition research firm, christopher steel, the former spy and the fbi, the washington post reported that the fbi at one point was planning to actually pay christopher steel to keep doing his research into trump and trump's businesses after glen simpson and fusion gps had decided to stop paying him. now, there's no indicator the fbi actually put christopher steel on their payroll, but clearly there was some sort of conversation there at the washington post -- if the washington post report is accurate which it appears to be. a central question of course for the committee is going to be how does this all work together?
3:33 pm
the senate judiciary committee does oversight of the fbi so that will be particularly front of mind for grassley. arthel: will simpson be under oath? let's talk about why he was subpoenaed and not necessarily volunteering to testify? >> as of now it appears he is not going to. his attorney released a statement saying that mr. simpson is out of the country and if he did come back and did appear, he would plead the 5th so he wouldn't say anything to the committee. they say that this hearing could potentially be political, on the scope of what was initially planned, they are saying it is a witch hunt. now if the senate committee were to try to force glen simpson to testify, it's a fairly complicated process. the committee would have to vote to hold him in contempt. then the senate as a whole would also have to vote to hold simpson in contempt. and then either the senate could go to a federal judge and ask for a court order requiring simpson to testify, before the committee, or they could potentially go to the u.s. attorney for the district of washington, d.c. and try to get
3:34 pm
that person to bring criminal proceedings against glen simpson. it's a tough process. but the fact that there's so much public interest in what happened with gps and what mr. simpson's role was in this entire russia saga means it is more likely than other situations that there's a possibility the process would move forward. arthel: we know he's going to show up, that's confirmed, yes? >> no, we don't. at this point his lawyer says he's not going to show up. arthel: then that other process that you laid out is most likely to play out. >> what's much more likely is that the senate will have to grassley, senator feinstein, the top democrat on the panel, will have to have serious conversations about how far they are willing to go to try to force simpson to testify. they have a lot of tools available, but those tools are difficult to use, time consumi g consuming -- consuming, so they have to decide what are they willing to do to bring him before their panel? arthel: is there anything to infer in this process basically pulling teeth to try to get him to show up and to eventually
3:35 pm
testify? >> is there anything to infer? >> that's he's not coming across as forthright. >> it is a good question. clearly this is not a pleasant time in mr. simpson's career. nobody wants to testify before the senate judiciary committee under oath. and the fact his company does opposition research means if he faced a burge of tough questions from the senate -- if he faced a bunch of tough questions from the senate he might have to reveal what he believes are important trade secrets. we know simpson has worked with former spies. we know one of his clients was the law firm that represented a major russian company prevezon in a high-profile court case that played out in the southern district of new york. so simpson is in possession of tons of interesting newsworthy information that he clearly doesn't want to share. that doesn't necessarily mean he did anything wrong. but it doesn't rule it out either. arthel: so betsy, as the goal is resolution in the russia investigation, how big is this leak? you know, simpson may not be there, but in the hot seat for
3:36 pm
sure this week as we know now donald trump jr. and paul manafort, jared kushner also testifying before the senate and house intel committee, privately, but not under oath. will this week prove to be pivotal? >> it's hard to say. it's certainly accurate that this week -- the investigators in congress are going to get a lot more information about what exactly happened, especially in the meeting, between kushner, manafort, don jr. and natalia, the russian attorney. as long as these conversations are happening behind closed doors not the public, all the question that the reporters and people in the general public have including in the white house are going to be unanswered, this is an important step but it is not going to resolve everything. >> does it matter that these investigations will not be taking place under oath, that they won't be testifying under oath? >> you know, lying to congress whether you're under oath or not, it is my understanding that that can get you into serious hot water. obviously if you are under oath, i think it would be a different
3:37 pm
criminal statute, but it's preferable i think that kushner isn't under oath, but that doesn't give him license to say things that aren't true, no t to suggest -- not to suggest of course that he wouldn't. >> neither am i suggesting that as well. i wanted to ask that question as well. betsy, thank you very much. >> thank you. another investigation that got a lot of attention this past week, o.j. simpson, who will be a free man in a few months. the nevada parole board granting parole to o.j. after he served the minimum nine years on his 33-year sentence for a kidnapping and armed robbery. that conviction back in 2007. and tonight who better to look at this case but our geraldo rivera at 8:00 p.m. tonight here on fox news channel eastern, he will be examining the question of what's next for o.j. simpson. was justice served? geraldo and o.j. tonight right here. arthel: i already have my dvr set for that. when we come back, senator mccain preparing for possibly
3:38 pm
the toughest battle of his life. but whether it is the senate floor, a pow camp or a life threatening disease, his daughter says nothing will make him surrender. also demonstrators gather in london to support young charlie gard and his family who are fighting for even the chance to save their son's life. >> -- we ask for the authorities to let him go to the united states to receive treatment that can save his life. ♪ this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business
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we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. arthel: court hearings in the case of terminally ill baby charlie gard set to resume in london tomorrow. this as a u.s. pastor leads a rally in london today supporting charlie's parents who want to
3:43 pm
use an experimental treatment on their son. little charlie gard has gained international attention as he and his parents fight for his life, but the hospital in england where he's being treated believes there's little hope and wants to turn off his life support. eric: senator mccain enjoying this weekend despite his recent brain cancer diagnosis. the arizona senator was hiking in his home state of arizona with his daughter, megan mccain. as you can see in this wonderful photo that megan tweeted she had a caption on that photo which was quote amazing hike with dad senator john mccain this morning. thank you for all your best wishes. here to talk about senator mccain's diagnosis and his battle with this terrible disease is a family physician, assistant professor at rowan university school of osteopathic medicine. >> our thoughts and prayers are with him.
3:44 pm
>> we are pulling for him and thinking of him and his whole family. first of all, it is tough, and why are glioblastomas, why are they so challenging? >> they are tough tumors. these are brain tumors, and it's probably the most common and most malignant tumor. tumor made of star shaped cells in the brain. they grow very quickly. the tumors can grow very fast because they have a lot of blood supply. that's one of the things that makes them so aggressive and so difficult to treat. one of the other things is that many of the cells within the tumors, they tend to be different types of cells. so treatments don't necessarily -- one treatment may not apply to everything and every cell within that tumor. there's a number of other reasons why this is a difficult -- eric: they have tentacles sometimes, that's another challenge? >> that's a description we think of because they can spread. it multiplies. it grows. it is tough. it is tough.
3:45 pm
it is a tough and aggressive tumor, absolutely. eric: the good news if there is any here is apparently it was above his eye so that location matters? >> reportedly, yes, it was above the eye, and location does matter. location matters for a lot of reasons. the ability to resect the tumor. we often think of surgery as one of the first lines of action, first things we do with these tumors and so many others. the other thing is for symptoms. we will get to talk about symptoms but it can also affect the type of symptoms a person can have. eric: he's been incredibly busy. he went off and met with the iranian resistance, incredible schedule and apparently he said he had some type of symptoms, double vision, this sort of thing. many family was afflicted by this, no symptoms at all. walking down the street, her arm started to shake and just out of the blue. how do you know, can these be detected far beforehand or did the senator get appropriate medical care as soon as he was able to say something is up? >> to your last point, it sounds
3:46 pm
like he's gotten very swift medical care which is very important. he's clearly got a fantastic medical team which is very important. to your comment about your mother-in-law and to senator mccain and symptoms, you know, everyone is so different. there's not one size fits all in this situation. some people might have very few symptoms. others might have symptoms such as headache or nausea, vomiting. some people might have weakness on one side of their body or feel a little confused or drowsy. some people have seizures. again it is different for everyone and depends on the size of the meow -- depends on the size of the tumor and location of the tumor. >> any experimental immuno-therapies going on right now? >> we often start with surgery, get that tumor out there. want to get pathology. want to get a good diagnosis and remove as much as of it as possible. but then chemo and radiation tend to be main stays of treatment. you are absolutely research is
3:47 pm
looking at immuno-therapy and genetic markers. >> finally, it is not that common. >> the incidence is about 2 to 3 people per -- 2 to 3 new cases per 100,000 people per year. that's something to keep in mind. eric: we have the senator in our thoughts. we will be pulling for him. he's been really busy. he tweeted out today. >> yes. >> i'm reviewing the details, closely with effective sanctions, there he is, on twitter, speaking out. what's going to happen when he gets back to the senate. senator mccain, thank you, keep at it. a great icon in america. >> absolutely. arthel: senator mccain we wish you well, sir. and thank you very much. and when we come back here, the world's oldest commissioned warship getting back in the water. the uss constitution finishing its two-year refit and almost ready to return to service. after a dvt blood clot...
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arthel: welcome back. after a week of brutal heat and storms across the country, it seems that nature doesn't plan on giving us much of a reprieve. we are live in the fox severe weather center with a forecast. okay, adam, tell us what lies
3:52 pm
ahead. >> i know. we need that break, but unfortunately there's plenty of areas where folks are not seeing it. look at these temperatures currently running up into the 90s in the center of the country. 29 degrees -- 92 degrees running as far north as south dakota, running up into montana as well. mid 90s to upper 90s in portions of texas. these temperatures will be sticking with us at least for the next couple of days for the folks in the middle of the country. it is also the humidity, moisture in the air, walkout side, smacks you in the face, plenty of spots where it feels like that. 105 in memphis. triple digits in kansas city as well. has settled a little further to the south. yesterday those temperatures were maybe a little bit farther north where you are seeing those extreme heats running up into chicago. now settling farther south. we still see the heat advisories the watches and warnings in effect but they have shifted a little farther south. some areas on the east coast, but again this was much more widespread. just yesterday what's cooling us off a little bit? a frontal boundary that's bringing a lot of rain to several parts of the country.
3:53 pm
we have seen rain along the gulf coast the last several days. rain is running up and down the east coast, targeting the mid-atlantic. heavy showers now, an area we are watching stretching from ohio running into portions of the mid-atlantic, d.c. up to philadelphia. perhaps eventually new york seeing some of this rain as well. but those are heavy showers that have really brought some strong winds as a result. that's going to be our severe weather threat throughout the rest of the evening talking about cities like philadelphia, d.c. maybe getting up towards new york city. that's what we will continue to watch here the rest of the evening. arthel: lots to cover there in the extreme weather center. adam, thank you very much. >> yep. eric: this week there's new life for healthcare reform or so they say. the president issuing a challenge to senate republicans. what he's saying and whether a healthcare vote on tuesday really is on the horizon. what that vote may be on. we will have much more about healthcare and what we can expect at the top of the hour.
3:54 pm
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>> here we go. a thief caught on camera. dancing, and then gets away with a fistful of cash. you can see him in the white t-shirt. he is sitting at a bar in florida before reaching for the tip jar, and then appears to
3:58 pm
dance before leaving. >> i think it's ridiculous that someone would steal the money we work for. >> he was proud of himself that sex because they work hard for everything. >> please say he got away with nearly $600. officers hope to find them so he can do is jig in jail. >> eric: a 92-year-old world war ii veteran continues fighting for the american flag. banks salutes his leg every morning even if he can't see it because he is legally blind. you know what happened? vandals took advantage of that he confronted them for trying to steal his leg. >> something coming from behind and got high up on my shoulders and pushed real hard. i went down and tried to get up and went down again. if i had any way to catch them
3:59 pm
wi-fi was able to do so i would like to whip them good with my crotch. >> the flag is still there fine proudly. he calls his attackers cowards and senseless fools. he hopes please will catch them and we do too. raising the bar or raising the barbecue in missouri this weekend? tight rope walkers serve dinner 50 feet in the air in kansas city. they balance plates full of barbecue in the hands walking across the road. each plate weighs 2 pounds. >> arthel: they were 40 feet in the air, but really anything above 10 feet is too high for me. so the diner suspended in the air at a table. the diners raised a little higher as each course was served all to raise publicity for the dixie ultra brand which made the plates holding the barbecue. >> eric: would you do that? >> arthel: no, i would eat the barbecue though. i way for them to come down. >> eric: we had barbecue this weekend from kansas city. we finished off those ribs.
4:00 pm
i would eat them before they got passed me on the rope. >> arthel: mike emanuel is up next with a fox report. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for spending the time with us on fox news channel. have a good night. >> after repeatedly following short in the senate, president trump is calling on republicans to step up to the point of a filter long-standing promised of repeal and replace obama care. about could come as early as tuesday. the same day trump is scheduled to hold a rally in ohio. the white house is pushing for a win as white house negotiations enter a new phase. the president's former campaign manager


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